Saturday, April 28, 2012

BAG ROOTING - Advantages and What Can Go Wrong


·    Avoids extremes of too wet and too dry
·    Provides what developing roots want most, humid and warm air spaces
·    Bag method does not require adding water
o  Open containers can be over-watered or catch rain
·    Bags trap the moisture, heat and humid air inside
o  Open containers lose water through evaporation
o  When an open container becomes heated in the sun, warm moist air expands and is expelled
o  When a bag is warmed by the sun the moisture that becomes air-borne condenses on the inside of the bag, harmlessly away from the cut-end but available to maintain the humidity of the air spaces


·    The rooting media was prepared with too much water
·    Rain water can gather and enter at the bonnet unless sealed to prevent this
o  The bonnet can be turned down so as to not act as a funnel
o  Tape or extra tight banding can reduce risk of water entering
·     If the rooting bags are placed directly on a heating pad the temperature will be too high and kill existing roots
·    The delicate roots can break away when removing the bag
o  It is best to let the roots become crowded before removing the bag
o  Tear the bag at both seams that run vertical to either side from top to bottom

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